CalendarShare - Outlook Calendar Sharing Solution

CalendarShare is an Outlook calendar sharing solution.
CalendarShare uses a different approach than all other sharing solutions: instead of synchronizing appointments in the background while outlook is running, CalendarShare performs all synchronizations before Outlook is launched (i.e. first thing in the morning), working directly with the PST file, without relying on the slow Outlook API.
This approach is incredibly faster, and it makes sure Outlook is not bogged down by background synchronization activities.

CalendarShare is a hosted solution that saves you the trouble of installing and configuring a server,
Shared calendars can be viewed using Outlook or using the web interface.

User calendar is viewed side-by-side with a shared calendar

Viewing a shared calendar using Outlook 2010

- Shared Calendars can be viewed using Outlook (Screenshot)
- Shared Calendars can be accessed anywhere using our Web interface (Screenshot).
- Your IT department does not need to install and configure a server, management is done using our Web interface.
- Does not require changes to your existing IT infrastructure, you can continue to work with your existing email provider.
- Appointments marked as 'Private' will not be shared.

System Requirements:
Windows XP With Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0 installed / Windows Vista / Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Outlook 2003 / Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2013

To evaluate the program and set up an administrator account, click here.

More Information:
Please contact us if you have any question (Contact: Mr. Tal Aloni, tal@kmrom.com)